Top 10 Best Cities to Date Rich Men

It's not an easy task to summarise the top 10 best cities which are ideal to date rich men - there are just so many of them!

Date Rich Men

And then there is bound to be some dispute about what makes a particular city better than another or, indeed, what constitutes a rich man!

So, before we start looking at the best top 10 cities, let's take a look at some of the key requirements of such cities as this will help us when we come to prepare the list. To be considered, a city must:

  • Be of sufficient population size to attract rich men and the women who seek them;
  • Have a diversity in cultures and a blend of different rich people who each bring their own individual characteristics to the city;
  • Have a special character which attracts the rich and powerful, ie the entertainment industry or financial services;
  • Have an air of dynamism which helps the city vibrate and resonate;
  • Ideally have a unique geographical setting which helps the city to be readily identified by locals, visitors and tourists alike;
  • Be a recognised centre in the country in which it is located and noted for its nightlife and attraction to millionaires.

Based on the above and other key criteria, here is a summary list of the top 10 best cities to date rich men:

  • New York: being the home of the world's largest stock exchange, strategically located on the east coast of the US and with a beautiful coastal setting. The city has probably more millionaires and rich men than any other, many of whom are looking to date younger women;
  • San Francisco: as the second most densely populated city in the U.S., behind only New York, San Francisco is full of people, over 18% of whom are single men. Though the ratio of single men to single women is only 0.8995:1, the men's annual income is as high as $90,000. So it's easy to find a rich man here;
  • Los Angeles: on the west coast of the US, home to the world's entertainment industry and offering a relaxed, glamorous lifestyle for millionaires and seriously rich men alike; the climate is conducive to being out and about and being seen, so rich men abound in their flashy cars and stylish outfits;
  • Rio de Janeiro: the biggest and wealthiest city by far in South America; in a picturesque setting and home to many millionaires and rich people, the women are renowned for their beauty - obviously, a key attraction for many rich men;
  • London: famed for its culture, art and diversity, London is home to a major stock exchange and offices of almost all of the major international banks. Money means millionaires and rich men, and the dating scene is very active;
  • Paris: sits at the centre of the continents; with a famed nightlife, cultural scene (museum and art galleries and the like), Paris is also known as the city of love - and there are plenty of millionaires and rich people looking for such romance in the city;
  • Hong Kong and Singapore: two vibrant and dynamic cities with a high concentration of seriously wealthy people; both cities with a high percentage of self-made millionaires and rich men either from the financial sectors or trading with China, elsewhere in Asia or the world at large. Ideal dating cities;
  • Tokyo: the Asian leg of cities ideal for dating rich men; a huge metropolis with and active business and nightlife scene and home to well over 15M million people, many of whom have made fortunes domestically or via international trade;
  • Sydney: the financial and cultural capital of Australia; with it's beautiful harbour setting and beautiful beach people, the city is also known as one of the capitals of rich men dating younger women, or sugar daddy dating as it's often referred to...

This list could include another dozen cities as people will always debate the merits of the top 10 best cities to date rich men; suffice to say, wherever there is money, there will be women looking to date the men behind it!