How to Get Paid When You Date Rich Men

Are you looking for a rich man who will give you what you deserve? This article will teach you how to date rich men who will spend money on you, sponsor your projects and spoil you.

Get Paid from Rich Men

How to identify wealthy men

Traditionally, we think rich men are those who wear expensive clothes, fly first class flights, drive fancy cars and live in huge mansions. But realistically, the majority of millionaires are low-profile men! Please do yourself a favor and read a book called The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy (written by Thomas J. Stanley). Most women don't read any books. That's why most women are mediocre and complaining! In this eye-opening book, the author unfolds the truth: the majority of millionaire men only spend money on their true values, so they don't waste money on meaningless things. Therefore, a lot of rich guys actually live in normal houses and drive average cars, but they have big bank accounts! Next time when you meet a guy from a millionaire dating site, if he constantly tells you how much money he has, how many luxury cars are in his garage and how fancy his mansion is, be careful - chances are that's a scam. In contrast, if you meet a low-profile rich man on a millionaire dating website or a sugar daddy dating site, you are probably dating old money rather than new money!

How to get into a rich man's wallet

The best way to get into a rich guy's wallet is to date a sugar daddy who is ready to spoil a sweet sugar baby like you. First of all, timing is everything. More specifically, you can ask for more allowance when your sugar daddy is in a good mood. Another good time is to ask for more money at dusk because studies found that people are more likely to be influenced by others at dusk. Second, you can make your sugar daddy feel guilty. For instance, you always show up five minutes earlier for the date and wait for him; you tell your sugar daddy that although you love having kinky intercourse with him, his nails accidentally hurt your vulva last night (say it in your softest and sweetest voice). When your sugar daddy is guilty, it's easier to ask for his money. Last but not least, you have to treat him right. Please understand that dating a sugar daddy is having a mutually beneficial relationship, so your sugar daddy expects you to respect him and make him happy. That's the prerequisite of getting allowance from him.

How to get a rich man to sponsor your work projects

This is ten times more important than the previous paragraph because this paragraph is about how to make a long-term profit while dating a wealthy man. Getting a sugar daddy's allowance is a short-term benefit because you will run out of money if you don't know how to make money. Therefore, a smart woman always has a long-term vision, i.e. getting a millionaire man to invest in her own business. In the first place, you must have a business plan to show your sugar daddy because men are biologically programmed to be logical and rational - they need to see something solid and reasonable first. In the second place, you probably have to give a percentage of your business to your sugar daddy because he is the investor. When your sugar daddy is an investor of your business, he definitely wants this business to be successful as he wants to benefit from this business as well; hence, he will also give you free business coaching and career advice, apart from the investment! Lastly, always remember that sugar daddies love ambitious sugar babies who know what they want, so you should be confident when it comes to discussing business with your sugar daddy who will sponsor your projects!

I hope you have got a lot out of this article and always refer to your notes before negotiating with your rich man!